Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some New Pieces on the Web Site

I had a friend that wanted a present for her sister in West Virginia.  she wanted something with a sewing machine.  So I made this one first with the wreath.  Its a little sewing machine with old spool of thread. and then old spools with homespun fabic put on a string.  I thought it turned out really neat.  But she said I'll take this but I just wanted a sewing machine with her name put on some how.  So!!!!!!!!!
I came up with this one, it is about 21" wide and about 15"  high  with old spools,  threaded through with homespun tie ons and then attached to the wreath.  She wanted it to be a wall hanging.  I sure had fun designing this and coming up this little sewing machine.  You could have it personalized or just go with My Sewing Haven or any other words.  Come on over to Country Trimmin's Primitives and  check them out. 

Working on some more new things will post when I get them done.  Just think soon it will be September and the fall with be here again, I just love Fall.

Here is hoping you a great and blessed time in the Lord.
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